a palla

This project is creatively striving towards a new way of thinking behind future production and assembly of furniture, allowing items to be “Made here”.

Project details:

1. Items are produced within the European Union

2. Items should be flat packed

3. Items are self-assembled by the customer

4. Cradle to Cradle philosophy of material used

5. Minimum human interference in production

 The project currently includes two items, a bar stool and a stool, with the intention to grow and build a family of items over time.

 The legs of the stools are CNC-bent with a 12 mm thread.

The seats are milled in oak with a 5-axes milling machine. The shape and design of the two parts makes the item hold together.

This is a Gustaf Wollin solo project

for the danish design MAKERS project

Photos by Kristine Funch and Emilia Therese


Illustration: Who turned it upwards';